About Golden Run

Golden Run Vision

The vision of Golden Run is to usher forth a new level of standards for land development through the demonstration of true sustainability and carbon neutral building upon the land.  Golden Run’s goal is to create the community of the future --- one which allows people to live in harmony while minimizing the community’s impact on the planet.  Golden Run seeks to be a national and international model for the design of communities in the future.

The project will use sustainability and self-sufficiency as the foundation for an economic development engine for the Town of Erie, Colorado, and the surrounding region while seeking to reduce its net environmental impact to zero.  Key objectives of Golden Run include a community which achieves the following…

  1. Zero net energy with a possible net energy contribution to the Grid.

  2. A 75% per capita reduction in water use.

  3. Recycling of water and deployment of substantial Gray Water systems.

  4. On-site treatment of wastewater to minimize dependence on municipal systems and as a source of recycled water.

  5. Recycling and other measures to strive for zero solid waste.

To those who are interested in what Golden Run can deliver, we are committed to answer the following challenges from the International Living Future Institute:

[For] all design professionals, contractors and building owners to create the foundation for a sustainable future in the fabric of our communities.

[For] politicians and government officials to remove barriers to systemic change, and to realign incentives and market signals that truly protect the health, safety and welfare of people and all beings.

[For] all of humanity to reconcile the built environment with the natural environment, into a civilization that creates greater biodiversity, resilience and opportunities for life with each adaptation and development.

Golden Run will be a vibrant, modern, sustainable development...created to prove by incorporating the most advanced green technologies and urban form-based development patterns; we can accomplish our goals of being both carbon neutral and a regenerative force in the community while simultaneously creating an Economic Development engine based on the local, regional, national, and international attraction to those who want to live, work, play, and shop in the nation’s premier sustainable, self-sufficient, and environmentally-sensitive community.

Golden Run Themes

  1. A unique and innovative approach to development by being truly collaborative

  2. Work together to design and build this project from the ground up

  3. Create a long-term partnership --- a 100-year project

  4. Demonstration of commitment signified by the extraordinary degree of control granted to the Town

  5. Make both the process and the design itself a national attraction

  6. Long-term Economic Development engine for Erie

  7. Demographics which promote Economic Prosperity for the entire Town

  8. A design and community which becomes a national & international attraction

  9. Critical mass to make the County Line Road Corridor Erie’s Internal Economic Core

  10. Create a location for an employment base by making it an Employment Center

  11. Located in the highly acclaimed Boulder Valley School District

  12. Located entirely inside Boulder County

  13. True sustainability AND mitigation of environmental impacts

  14. Minimal impacts by being self-sufficient

  15. Minimal vehicle use with no-vehicle zones

  16. Zero net energy use

  17. On-site wastewater treatment + major gray water initiative

  18. Emphasis on sports, nutrition & health ➔ Olympic-level  training facilities for multiple sports

  19. Major Senior Center with health, fitness & athletic facilities tailored to children & mature citizens

  20. Community Gardens to serve up to 4,000 participants

  21. Sculpture Garden + Sculpture Plan for the entire area

  22. Focus on 18 to 30 and +55 demographics

  23. Carbon Neutral design with Climate Change in mind --- the nation’s 1st community to truly do so

  24. Create a National Model others can use

  25. Create the Critical Mass for…

  26. Local retail + Regional retail + National retail, national HQ operations

  27. Mid-size grocery store  +/-25,000 sq. ft.  and/or Major grocery store  > 50,000 sq. ft.

  28. A Regional Business Incubator for 25 and then up to 100 businesses at a time.

  29. Restaurants… local… national… elite…

  30. A viable Arts District

  31. Attracting national sports, fitness, and health businesses & organizations; facilities

  32. Mid-range medical facility   +/- 25,000 sq. ft.  + Major medical facility   >50,000 sq. ft.

  33. Regional medical facility   >100,000 sq. ft.

  34. Commercial & community amphitheater operation

  35. Movie Theater complex (<4 screens) ➔ Movie Theater large complex (>10 screens)

  36. East County Performing Arts and/or Entertainment Center ➔ Regional (and corporate sponsored) Performing Arts and/or Entertainment Center