“Golden Run Timeline” (9/15/13)

From: Aaron Harber

Subject: Golden Run Timeline

Date: September 15, 2013 7:29:06 PM MDT

To: "Joe Wilson "

Cc: "Joe Wilson", "A.J. Krieger ", "Marty Ostholthoff", "Gary Behlen"


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Dear Joe,


Attached is the list of key dates for the Golden Run project.  It was initially reviewed by the Town staff but needs one more review before it is finalized.  Nevertheless, because we promised you this information, I have attached the most recent draft.  We also wanted you to see where we are as far as dates are concerned and this gives you a good sense of the likelihood that any actual construction is several years out.


At the same time, it is likely there will be some legislation in the coming session which will significantly impact Golden Run.  Therefore, the initial annexation and zoning need to be completed as soon as possible.


Separately, as you can see, we are planning to announce the creation and membership of the Sustainability Committee after the September 24th Board vote regarding the annexation ordinance.  Please call me at 303-666-6161 to discuss why we are doing this as well as any questions you may have at this time.  Thanks, again, for your support.


Sincerely yours,



Board and Community Correspondence

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